HVAC/R Program

The HVAC/R is a degree certificate program designed to meet the standards and

skill training necessary to be a licensed Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and

Refrigeration technician in West Virginia. The program may be completed as a

stand-alone certificate program or may be imbedded in the Engineering

Technology – Specialized option.

The content in the HVAC/R program is modularized for increased flexibility and



Course Credit

MTEC 102 Introductory Craft Skills 3 hrs.

MTEC 112 Workplace Safety 3 hrs.

Semester Total 6 hrs.


Course Credit>

HVAR 120 HVAC/R 1 3 hrs.

HVAR 130 HVAC/R 2 4 hrs.

HVAR 140 HVAC/R 3 3 hrs.

EAMT 107 Energy Technology 3 hrs.

Semester Total 13 hrs.


Course Credit

ENGL 107 Technical Writing 3 hrs.

MATH 107 Shop Math 1 3 hrs.

EAMT 108 Building Science 3 hrs.

HVAR 150 HVAC/R 4 3 hrs.

EAMT 128 Weatherization 3 hrs.

HVAR 260 HVAR Capstone Course 1 hrs.

Semester Total 16 hrs.

TOTAL 35 hrs.


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